Goodnight Nobody

Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Wiener
I've watched her other book, IN HER SHOES and cried a little. It was made into a movie with Cameroon Diaz and Shirly McLane. It was fabulous! It was a touching story about a girl and a lot of shoes, a sister, a grandma, and being broke.

This book is about a housewife living in Stepford-land and finding it really boring. She's out of sync with everyone, and gives horrendous party, it's actually funny. I didn't find it so funny when she went necking with an old beau. I know that other guy is hot, the one who got away, but for God's sake, she's married with three children. Go neck with your husband, dammit!

Aside from that, it's a good book to read, the story will keep you entertain, and you might even chuckle a little through it all. I think I prefer Ms. Wiener the chick-lit queen.

I recommend this book, if you have no other book to read.
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥
Fiction, mystery

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