I like Desperate Housewives. You know this because you can see this show's link on my Serial TV list. I noticed though that they put this really annoying character named Nora. She just grates on my nerves, and I had put off watching 4 episodes because I cannot stand her.

Die, Nora, die! That's my thoughts when I see her. It's bad enough I had to put up with Eddie Brit, they have to add Nora too. Last Sunday, I was so glad to note that they have finally killed Nora.

My holy horse! Would it have killed the writers to tone down Nora's character? After all, they did with Eddie, and now we kind of like her.

I was just sitting here, wondering if you have a favorite show, but you cannot stand to watch it now because of some annoying character.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they're fiction. That's exactly why I want them all to be enjoyable! I used to not like Horatio Caine. Now I do. I watch old and new CSI: Miami series. H grew on me. Now, I actually enjoy him moving about in my TV. If you don't like him before, you should give him another try. He's that good!


Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed Nora because Lynette's situation seemed so much like what my husband and I are going through now with his crazy ex. I see Nora and I think, OMG, that's HER!

Posting this anonymously but you know who I am.

Serendipity said...

I didn't even think of that. All I know is she's crazy and she gives me the willies. I hope I didn't give you the spoiler of the show.

I do hope that albatrose will fall of or that leech unlatched itself soon. Bloodsuckers!

Anonymous said...

No I saw the Nora episode, it was so freaking cool. Now I want to see what happens next week.

Simple American said...

I don't watch either show. Trying to limit the TV viewing cuz of the kids. Be so glad when they go to college so I can sit home broke and watch TV. hehe

Di said...

I love House too. I had no idea that was Joel Grey! He got OLD...good thing I didn't.