What say you to that?

Latest Polling Results:

43% of all Americans said: illegal immigration is a serious problem.

The other 57% said: No hablo ingl├ęs

*Thanks to TNchick.


Simple American said...


Simple American said...

Sorry. I could not resist.

Serendipity said...


I am learning spanish. I am going to make my kids speak Spanish. It's for their own good if they live in Texas.

House Dad said...

Hey, Adrienne has just finished a book that I bought for her. She really enjoyed it too:

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

ISBN 0-670-91709-5

Not too much to report from OZ, but still think your blog rocks. Cheers me up heaps, so thank you.


Simple American said...

You're in Texas? So am I.

And my kids speak some Spannish. Though not that much.

Serendipity said...

I think you live near my cousins. They are near Stephenville. I visit them sometimes, but it's a long, long drive.

Simple American said...

Not sure where that is? I'm right outside Houston. Enjoying this cool weaher. Yay!

Shoshana said...

OH, that's near Ft. Worth. :)