Wednesday Fives

I cannot wait 'til Friday for my me-me. Besides, that seems like a long, long time when I want to talk about 5 things about Jason Statham now. Got this me-me from PopTart. Except I changed the day.

  • I first saw him in Transporter. Who couldn't find him sexy there? All that rolling around in oil? Awesome! Did you see the girl with him there? I thought she's beautiful in a cutesy way.
  • He's a year older than my favorite cousin. Wikipedia said so here. I saw the thinning hair, and I'm thinking, "Wow! I didn't know I find balding head sexy!" He's born in September 12.
  • I saw him again in Transporter 2...he's still sexy as ever. Have you seen it? He's really great as a protector. Who wouldn't want him for a chauffeur/bodyguard? I love that he could kick that sexy lady there. Whew!
  • In Crank, he makes a unique tourist attraction in China Town. He's sexy in hospital gown, nothing like this guy here. If you haven't seen CRANK, now is a good time. He is funny, sexy, macho and entertaining. Who cares about entertaining if he's so much fun to look at? I cannot believe the girl they paired him up with, but she grew on me. I went to see this movie with my darling husband. My husband is wonderful, he lets me ogle Jason for close to two hours!
  • Jason was great with speedboat in Italian Job. I enjoyed it. My husband and I have a wonderful gift of enjoying each other's company through all kinds of movie. This was a good entertainment. Anytime I get to hold hands with my DH in a darkened room is a great day.

Five pictures which proved he's sexy, balding hair and all!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he's definitely hot!

And Transporter is a great movie. Looooove the oil scene.

Procrastiknitter said...

Thanks for the pics to help get my through "hump day" LOL. How are the dishcloths going?

Serendipity said...

Procrastiknitter, I mailed my dishcloth last week. Will post the pictures next week. Whew, it was fun and scarry because I am not sure if the person getting it will like it.

The whole journey was certainly fun.

Simple American said...

I liked him in The Transporter and Italian Job. He is pretty sharp. Wanna see Transporter 2.

The girl in the first Transporter is Hsu Qi. She is so fine. I loves her, though my missus does not think she is very cute. Oh well.

What's a me-me?

Serendipity said...

I actually have no idea what a me-me is.

I just wanted to list something Five,and might even do it every Wednesday. I have no idea. I should google "me-me" and see.

Serendipity said...

I found this definition.

In Blogspeak, a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs

Crazy Fat Chick said...

I love this guy. I watched Transporter like 30 times the first time I got ahold of it. I'll watch anything he is in. Sexy, sexy, sexy. I think he looks better bald than he would with hair.