Must Have Satellite TV

I took my kids out to dine at a restaurant where servers wear the skimpiest tops and tiniest shorts. I noticed that they have big screens every where. There seem to be a TV screen every two table. I realized that it's important to have Directv for business. How else are they going to keep my five children sitting in place while we try to eat? I know it's better to eat without watching TV. I heard it's more healthy to eat that way. But the truth is, having a satellite TV handy makes eating out fun. I just wish they'd put some sound to the TV. My sister have a DIRECT TV. She's really happy with it. She gets channel from the Philippines. I guess I must be away from Philippines so long, I don't care for it one way or the other. However, my sister is very happy with hers. She likes the convenience of recording her favorite shows. Some days, she's just too tired to stay up and watch them.

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