Jessica Said "Indian Giver"

Apparently, Native Americans are outraged because Jessica Simpson said she's not an "Indian Giver".

I've heard this phrase, 'Indian giver' growing up in the Philippines, long before I ever meet a Native American. I understand that this phrase means taking something that is given away. Is it offensive? Maybe. But it's like 'French Fries' and going 'Dutch' and the likes.

I am not sure of the etymology of the word, but it might have something to do with Native Americans 'giving' something to the White settlers and then taking it back. Some opinions said that it might be a misunderstanding. What the White settlers took for a gift might in fact just be a loan. This type of thing can happen. For example, I am very careful not to loan to certain people things that I like. They tend to mistake loan for gift. I don't like having to beg for my favorite item back, so I just don't loan anything unless I can be sure to let it go also.

Did Jessica Simpson do something wrong by using that phrase? Well, let's just put it this way. We're still going Dutch buying French fries.

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