Perfect, Timeless Gift

I first heard about hummingbird from my mother-in-law. She loves them. She paints and draws them. She also has an extensive collection of book about them. So, each special occasion is an opportunity to get her different kinds of hummingbird feeders. My mother-in-law's quite superstitious.

Do you know that hummingbirds have an average lifespan of about 3-4 years, although quite a few will die in their first year. They come with many different looks, but I think that this particular feeder below is attractive to them.
I heard that they usually can take artificial sugar. White granulated sugar is proven safest for them. With a ratio of one cup sugar to four cup water, you could fill this feeder and perhaps enjoy watching the hummingbird as they stop by. To prevent bacterial growth, it helps to boil and cool this mixture before storing it in feeder.

Aztecs wear hummingbird talisman to enhance sexual potency, and skills for war and fighting. Its sharp, narrow beaks resembling weapons of war, sexual organs and bloodletting tools. These are significant during ancient time. My mother-in-law owns a number of jewelry with hummingbird on it. They're quite beautiful. Hummingbirds cannot survive harsh winter weather, hence the reason for their migration. They travel far and wide to find food. They prefer flowers with high sugar content. This is good to know for your next year's garden planning.

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