This Old House

The nice thing about this house is I own it. The bad thing is also about owning it. I have a 30-year old house. If I had bought it right when it was built, it's paid off by now. Unfortunately, I was only 6 years old when they built it, so I couldn't buy it. I noticed that to make this house into something I want to live in; we have to spend money. First, the kitchen has to go, then the bathrooms, and then there's the sun room. Dallas Remodeling provides me with creative space that is both functional and beautiful. I have tried doing it the cheap way and it ended up more expensive. Redoing anything in a house takes time and money. I thought why not do it right the first time? I am very happy with my newly remodeled kitchen. It wasn't cheap, but it needs to be done. Now, if I cook and serve dinner from my new kitchen, I’ll call it even three years. That is in comparison to how much I spend going out to eat for lunch and dinner both. A successfully remodeled home can bring so much joy. I find myself walking into my kitchen and just enjoy the beauty of it all. I caught myself running my fingers through the granite countertops and shinny appliance. It's worth it. I'm worth it.

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