Parent Connection

I was very concerned about my health during my first pregnancy. It was frustrating when I cannot always find the answer when I needed it. It seems like it was always around midnight when these doubts plague me. I guess they do not call it witching hour for nothing. I was careful about exercise, diet and sleep. I am constantly pouring over books on discipline. It still wasn't enough. It is different when you can access the internet and find another person who might be willing to talk about similar issues of pregnancy and parenthood. Issues like what is the best way to deal with children when they don't want to behave? Twelve years ago, Internet was not so ubiquitous like it is today. I cannot go online and find another soul to discuss things what to name my babies. I bought about a dozen name books. I just wanted the perfect name for this child. I even convinced my husband to let our baby changed his or her name later on if he or she did not like it. It would certainly have eased my worries and concerns if there was a place I could go and discuss these things. ParentsConnect is a good place to find out about these questions. Now that my kids are growing up, it's still a perfect place to hang out to find out about recipes and discuss parenting tip. Parenthood is a job that is constantly changing. Each child is different, and it never hurts to read more information about parenting.

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