Reasons about Lasik

I was just in San Francisco. If I had known about Lasik in San Francisco, I might have given up my two days of walking about China town and gotten one instead. Seriously. It would have been a whole lot better than climbing 7 blocks of uphill, and 5 blocks and steep downhills.

I didn't have Lasik while I was in San Francisco because I was busy sweating it up the hills and praying I'd burn fats off my thighs. I know it's safe because my friends have it. But, I am addicted to reading. I don't want to have lasik because I might not be able to read my very hot vampire novels. What if my power to enjoy book is tied with my blurry glasses? Would you risk it?

I didn't have lasik because my dog said they said the money to castrate and neuter them.

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