More Decorating Ideas

Have you ever look at your place and think that you need to spiff up the place? Have you thought of anything that would give your living room a zest? Have you considered something unique to decorate it? Decorating does not have to be traditional all the time. I have! That's how I come to appreciate this fabulous clock store where they have hundreds of collections. Not only that, they have pictures of grandfather clock that you might be interested in available so that you can imagine it somewhere in your house.

I have the usual books and figurine on the shelves, but what if I want something different? I had always thought that grandfather's clock means chunky and taking up a whole lot of space in the foyer. It's something to bump your toes in the dark, and perhaps your forehead if you're not thinking about it. That's certainly what happened with our grandfather's clock while I was growing up.

These days, they're the thing! Check out this Miller Grandfather clock. It's beautiful, and I bet no one would ever walk by it without noticing it. I love the iron framework that housed the pendulum. I'm thinking that the iron scrollwork matches my stairway. I know just the place for this one.

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