Because It's Necessary

One of my children sprained an ankle while we were out biking over the weekend. I didn't think anything was broken, but I wanted to play it safe and have a doctor see her. To have our pediatrician check her ankle is about $144 event. On the other hand, they do not have x-ray capabilities, so if something else was wrong, I'd have to see another doctor.

My current insurance is not like Kaiser Permanente California, which my sister happen to have when she was living in Los Angeles. I think my deduction is such that an emergency room visit is covered by my insurance only after I pay for the first 300 dollars of the bill. By having athletic children, it's inevitable that I would make some trips to emergency care.

I would like a plan that will connect me to on site facilities with x-ray and maybe even pharmacy to minimize number of trips. It looks like the Kaiser permanente's individual and family health insurance plans is something I'd want to check out. It promises to be an affordable, quality and convenient care. In today's busy, busy life, these are important qualities in a health insurance.

The best news is there are also Kaiser Permanente Colorado, and Kaiser Permanente Georgia. Check it out.

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