The Art of Swindling

This is not it. This is a good example on how NOT to do it. Just read this letter that I received in my inbox. Would you send 55 of your hard-earned dollars to someone who wrote this?

Not that I speak a perfect English myself, but then, I'm not in the spam and steal business. Discuss!
Good Day

Am glad to send you this email to notify you concerning your bank draft cheque which is in our cusduty for the past feel month. We want you to understand that the delivery fees is beeing paid by the authority and what you need to do now is to contact us immediately so that the delivery will commence to your doorstep as soon as possible.

Do fill this information and get back to us ASP You received this message.

Full Name:.........
Mailing Address:..........
Personal Phone Number...........
Note that you are to pay for the safe keeping of your bank draft cheque which is $55 Dollars only so that immediately infect will take place for the delivery of your cheque.

If you know you won't be able to pay for the safe keeping of your cheque please do not respond back to this email, and your cheque will be return back to the compensation head office which you will not be able to get the cheque back.

As soon as you are ready to make the payment of the $55 Dollars do let us know by sending us your mailing address and the information in which you are going to use make the payment will be send to you immediately so that you can get your cheque ASP.

Get back for immediately delivery of your cheque.

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