Wordless Wednesday

Or not so wordless.

I like taking picture of the sky. This image is taken from my cell phone camera. There's just something about the sky that's so fascinating. No two pictures are alike. Of course, not counting the fact of having a fast camera and taking multiple shots at it. I'm always happy when I see the sunrise. Usually, I would sleep right through it. I am a night owl.


Carmi said...

I love this shot. The sky is so dramatic!

Are you in Florida? When we were there on vacation, I noticed the cool light poles that were designed to withstand hurricanes. Very unique to the region!

I hope you'll drop by for a peek at my WW contribution:


I'd like to wish you a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!


2cents said...

gorgeous shot, except the red traffic light "lol", thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at 4 Seasons Of My Life.com. Hope You can visit me too. TC

Starrlight said...

Really nice picture!

princess said...

Enjoyed the playful contrast the traffic lights give against the serious orange-blue-gray skies.