Don't Junk It

I have this new thing. I used to hear and listen to reviews about certain shows. I'd missed out on a lot of shows because people around me didn't like the show. Then lately, I decided to at least try and decide for myself. It's suprising to find out that I like most of the shows that was given bad review.

Reviews are a good thing, but it should get in the way of enjoying movies and shows just because the critics hated it. That said, I am not sure I want to see IN THE NAME OF THE KING. It's Jason Statham, and I like him. On the other hand...look at this particular review below. I might just really wait for the DVD to come out.

Overall Grade: A+
Story: D
Acting: A-
Direction: A+
Visuals: A

Geatest Spoof Ever!
by murielroma (movies profile) Jan 12, 2008
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I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I admit that during the first 20 minutes I was shocked at how bad the movie was, but after the intial shock I couldn't help laughing out loud. Soon half the thearter was laughing - that is half of the people that didn't walk out. Too bad they left. I wasn't the only one that was in histarics long after the movie was over.

So the movie is basically a spoof on "Lord of the Rings" and "Braveheart" though there are elements from other movies such as "Crouching Tiger" and "The Matrix". The spoof was most likely unintentional which only made it so much more hillarious.

One thing that I cannot pass over is that this movie forgot to give any history or motives to the characters and why they why they were the way they were (hopefully becuase they're saving that for the prequel!!!) The true genius of the writers comes out however in leaving soooo many loose ends. All I can say is we're going to need tons of sequels to tie everything together and that couldn't make me happier! Now that I think about it the forced dialogue was what the writers should be most honored for. Star Wars can't touch some of the lines in this movie.

I will not devulge any more so as not to ruin the movie which is a must see. I am already planning on going back to see it again very soon!!!!!!

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