"The Mist"erious Stephen King

My favorite Stephen King novel was Fire Starter. In the movie version of the book, Drew Barrymore plays the unforgettable little girl who had the suspension of dis believable role of the child who could cast fire. Barrymore went on to continue acting and has always been a favorite of mine to watch, no matter what role she has played.

The great story, The Mist, is deservedly coming to the big screen. No less an actor than Andre Braugher, in the top five of my favorite actors, graces the film. He has never had the really break out role that would propel him to the ranks of De Niro, Hanks, or De Caprio, but this may be it.

I could watch Braugher read from the phone book and be captivated. Add to that the only author who can hold my attention longer than the time it takes to flush, the only author who can actually make me give up needed sleep, you have the ingredients for one of the better Stephen King movies.

I didn’t personally think that The Mist by Stephen King could be translated to the big screen, much depends on suspense, isolation, cold, alone feelings, which I would not have dreamed would translate to the silver screen. Enter Shakespearean Braugher, and you have the makings of escape velocity. There’s something about the movie trailer which proves the point, you just want to keep watching more of it, there’s a presence, an impending thrill or something. Take a look and decide for yourself. I think this is going to be a good one, a really good one, one that will enter your dreams, keep you up at night, and perhaps just stay home from work the next time there is a fog.

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