The Best of Credit Card

I heard from someone a while ago about how credit card is not really money spent. Huh? I mean, I thought the purpose of a credit card is convenience, and you're supposed to use it in place of cash. That usually means, if you don't have the cash, then slow down with the credit cards.

No matter how careful one is, the truth is, we're never living in our means. We go just a little bit over [if we're lucky] between paychecks. This is when you "borrow" money from the credit card. Before you know it, the balance is huge, you need balance transfer.

It's better to balance transfer if you must into a 0% credit cards. It's a great deal if you can get it. Zero percent interest means every penny you send the credit goes towards paying off what you owe.

Credit cards are necessary evil, the point is control.

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