Taking It Too Far

I was clicking on some commenters on the blog I usually visit and landed on this site which quite disturbed me. Let me just say first of all that I support breastfeeding. I think it's one of the nicest things a mother does for her child, if she's able to.

However, this one blog mentioned breastfeeding her five year old boy. That is FIVE FREAKING years old! Seriously! Isn't this child abuse? What will that do to this child's psychology? Isn't that like trying to put the child back into the birth canal at age 5? Or trying to wash your baby's bottom with soap and water when he's 16? Or how about if your new husband spoon feeds your at 16 years old ?

I can't wrap my mind around it. Five!

In Desperate Housewives, I thought they were joking. But maybe not.

Veronica: If that's not bad enough, now I'm gonna get fat again.
Lynette: Huh?
Veronica: Breast-feeding was the only thing that kept the weight off. Every mealtime was like doing thirty minutes of cardio. Now I'm gonna have to join a gym!
Lynette: Wow, that is really a bummer.
Veronica: It is. It really is.


ale said...

Whenever I hear about moms breastfeeding until that age I cringe. I've breastfed all my children until age 1 (am nursing my 3 month old now). I cannot even imagine my 4 year old climbing on my lap for that. EW! Poor kids would be traumatized!!!

Serendipity said...

My thoughts exactly! Ewww!

Miss S said...

I know... breastfeeding at that age is really disturbing. I am sure those kids end up with an oral fixation.

Miss S