Grey's Anatomy Sucks!

Where to start?

First off, did the writer even watch Grey's Anatomy? I don't care that Patrick Dempsey is really sexy on TV guide cover, the episode with that new ugly old doctor sucks. Sucks! SUCKS!

Second, did she forgot to mention a massive viral infection which affect people's personality? That is the most likely explanation for that out-of-whack episode.

George and Izzie? That was cheap. I can explain Merideth and George. I can believe Merideth adn George. That show last Thursday was a travesty!

Did Christina undergone brain transplant?

I thought that marriage proposal scene with Burke and Christina was so romantic! Where did this writer came out and ruin all that? It's not even that believable that Christina would have that drastic personality.

Please tell me that the episode was somebody's drug trip. That I could believe.

On the other hand, isn't this guy sexy and sultry?


Simple American said...

I have never caught this show. So I should give it pass then. Or was this just a single episode thingie.

Serendipity said...

SA, it's only that one episode and really, this is a good show. You might just actually like it.

asianpixie said...

It is a good show but I am afraid it might have hit its peak.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. Patrick Dempsey.