Thursday Thirteen Vol. 11

Thirteen reasons why I'd love to have this happen now:

1. It's going to be with ATT/Cingular wireless (even though I really do not like that Cingular cannot spell).

2. I've been holding out for a much more efficient ipod.

3. Something good comes for those who wait.

4. Waiting is good, see the price tag is USD499 for 4 GB, or 100 bucks more for 8 GB right now.

5. When my plan expires in 2 years, they'll probably have it discounted by then.

6. Or not.

7. I'd like to get the 8 GB.

8. Because the thought of fitting a book or two in it thrills me!

9. Added bonus of not having to carry a cell fon with it. Yay!

10. It has blue tooth, Wifi etc, but I don't care because I don't understand what those things are.

11. I don't care either.

12. Partnering with yahoo? Don't care either.

13. The bestest part? It can phone, and it can hold my audio books! Hurray!

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YellowRose said...

That is one neat gadget! Wouldn't mind having one myself!!

Happy Thursday!

Rose said...

Well that sounds like 13 good reasons to me. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

There's no denying it's a very cool gadget, but I really wouldn't have use for one myself. Great reasons for wanting one though! I hope you can get one. :)

Happy T13. :)

Anonymous said...

I have something like that and I love it. BlueTooth, WiFi and the like can be very interesting toys; worth looking into!
My Tt is about things in my past.

Christina said...

Hmmmm, seems like a neat little gadget. Except if it were me, I'd probably end up breaking it or losing it because that is what seems to happen to my cell phones and .MP3 players eventually. I hope you are able to get one of these soon!!

Simple American said...

I think it is neat. Wish they would combine more video features like in video iPod. Will hold out for that one.

Curious would you read off your iPhone or only use audio books. I am looking at doing more ebooks with my publishing company. That is why I ask.

Anonymous said...

How funny...I almost did my 13 on the same thing! I just can't wait! Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I just got my phone a few months ago and already want a new one with more things in it.

My 13 are up.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get it! Mine is up =)

Anonymous said...

I just saw this!!! I WANT it so bad! But my i-pod was a gift and does videos and I doubt prince charming will cave for it. sigh. The funny thing is...the day I got mine (abotu 4 months ago) I told him that if it just had a phone it would be perfect. Do you use I am an Audio book junkie also ;-)