My Taste in Fashion

I lab these couple. Even though they didn't want to get married because of the gays. Really. They said that. {angelina and Brad}
I see, I see her nipples, and hip bones, and everything else....don't we hate Terri Hatcher? She's so darn slim! Actually, I am a regular Desperate Housewives viewer. I actually like her.
She's the new Morticia Adams. Too bad Raul Julia's dead. She's so good at Million Dollar Baby. {Hillary Swank}
You are my sunshine....gad! Does it have to be so yellow? Reese Witherspoon sure is bright and sunny. Kill her stylist now!


Simple American said...

I love Morticia. hahaha Cute observation there. :)

ALE said...

Uh oh! Looks like Reece has jumped on the "skinny skinnerton" bandwagon. She's so freaking cute to. UGH!

YaKdUsT said...

Terri Hatcher is way to skinny I like woman with some fat, i dont like to just feel bones.

Serendipity said...

I'm with you there. Though she looks good for a walking bag of bones. :)