There's not Enough MOney

All this Thanksgiving Season and food got me thinking about some really strange food I've encountered, but not necesarrily tasted in my life.

There's Balut...penoy. All I could think of: those poor babies! I am not eating hairy anything. Noticed that chickens are usually plucked already in it's package? Can you imagine buying chicken breasts or legs with all it's feathered glory?

Just in case you never clicked on the link, here's what those two words means, according to the link above.
"Balut" and "penoy" are eaten as snack food. These are sold together as if one is given a choice of coffee or tea.

"Balut" is an incubated duck egg with 16- to 18-day-old embryo, while "penoy" is an infertile incubated duck egg or with dead embryo. Both are ready for consumption right after being boiled for 20-30 minutes.
I don't care how much vitamins and minerals I am getting if I eat dead little duck chicks. In keeping with life-stranger-than-fiction concept, there's a lot of people eating these gross food. Ewww!

This is a perfect diet for FearFactor. There right along with eating spiders!

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Simple American said...

I like duck eggs. But I could not eat little Daffy Duck. Gross!!!