Incentive to Get a College Degree

Twenty-three thousand a year. This is the number that made all the difference between a college degree and a high school diploma, according to a new survey.

Now, for the interesting parts of this report:
Texas had the lowest proportion of adults with at least a high school diploma, about 78 percent. It was followed closely by Kentucky and Mississippi.

Here come the numbers:
High school dropouts earned an average of $19,169, while people with advanced college degrees made an average of $78,093.

Non-Hispanic whites had the highest proportion of adults with a high school diploma or higher (90 percent), followed by Asians (88 percent), blacks (81 percent) and Hispanics (59 percent).

West Virginia had the lowest proportion of college graduates, at 15 percent. It was followed at the bottom by Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisiana.

It also said:
Nearly 47 percent of adults in Washington, D.C., had at least a bachelor's degree.
Big deal! Did the survey exclude all those Senators and Representatives living there? Otherwise, it would be like bragging how many foreign nationals are present in the UN Assembly compared to the rest of the other states.


Anonymous said...

About that Texas numbers, did they exclude the mega-thousands of wetbacks crossing the Rio Grand every day?

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