These Art of Mine

My children's Art

My children love to draw. They draw just about anywhere. When I say anywhere, I really meant anywhere.

When we first moved in to this house, a green butterfly appeared on the dining room wall. I asked who wrote on my wall, no one would admit it. I had an idea whose artwork that was. So I said, "who put a picture of a bug on my wall?"

My daughter was rather indignant when she corrected me that it was a butterfly. Ah, caught! That's over four years ago.

The crayon drawings above is done by my first son. He also can play the piano very well. When I want to relax, I ask him to play a piece. Lately, he serenades me with "Love me Tender by Elvis Presley." It never fails to make me feel good. My second son does chords on the piano. He's almost five, and he has the most graceful finger on keyboards. Maybe someday, he'll play the piano as well as his big brother. My third son loves music too. According to my children's piano teacher, both younger sons of mine has ears for music. My fourth son is just a baby, but even he kicks in the rhythm of what's being played on keyboard.

My children is the most important part of my life. They are my life.

If anyone threaten your life, would you dismiss it as nothing? What if they only held the gun to your head because they want to help? What if they push you off a tall building because they care about your life? What if someone tossed a knife at you for fun, because they want to make you smile? What if someone only threaten to take your extra leg because they love you? Would you just let them and laughed about it later because, after all, they really care about you? I wonder what would you do if any such things were done to you in the name of "caring" and "loving"? Remember, it's your life they're talking about. It's your life they've decide to play god about.


Katt said...

my BITCH-In-Law has "jokingly" threatened us before with the CPS if we dared to stop her seeing MY girls..I bet you she would do it...Some people come into your life that you get no say over. People that you would rather have nothing to do with if you had a choice.

All I can suggest is that you try your hardest to prove the lies wrong. And after that have nothing to do with the man.

Personally I am worried that he only wants your daughter...To me that doesnt sound like he is the sort of person you want to leave your daughter alone with. Dont take offence. I know I dont know the man but its just a little strange to me.


MisbehavinAngel said...

Serendipity, I know and understand how angry (or let's say furious) you are - and you are absolutely right.
You are going the right way and I am sending love, prayers and hugs your way.

Simple American said...

I only let God play God with my life. No one else is worthy.

Take of your artists and musicians. NO one can do it better. Be nice if the kids can make a band to entertain you with as they grow older.

SilverSabre said...

Right I finally got the picture, although it took me a bit of trawling through comments.

1. Keep your daughter away from him, there is no reason any grandfather should want to spend time with just one of their grandkids.

2. You are there mother, he has no say. That is the end of the story.

3. If he is fabricating something simply to get her away from you, see my first point.

And I really really hope there is a resolution to this soon! You deserve better than to have this issue in your life :(

My thoughts and wishes are with you.

Serendipity said...

Hi Katt, I assure you, CPS is not a joking matter. At all. It's not the inspection I am worried about, it's the threat that was put on my kids when we did nothing wrong except protect what's ours.

Mystery Girl said...

It's a butterfly!

Katt said...

No i know its no joking matter.

Why is it that CPS harrass the hell out the innocent ones (like in your case) but ignore the REAL problems with children that are really under threat?

When this is all over and done with I would never let that man see your children every again.

It seem that Silversabre and I might be thinking alone the same lines.


Vixen said...

Serendipity, just wanted to say I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Did you get my email? I know you have a lot going on so don't worry about reply I just wanted to send my support!

Take care!

Jennboree said...

Unfortunately, I"ve seen a grandparent pull the same crap on a friend of mine. It got very ugly but because there was no abuse she only hurt herself and will never be allowed to see her grandchild again.

If you chose to never let your children see any grandparent ever again, that is your right. He'll lose, whatever angle he tries to take. I agree...end all communication.

YaKdUsT said...

Love the drawing!

Anonymous said...

What Jennboree said.