I Miss You, Blog!

It has been a long time since I was here. A lot of things has changed. 

I am now a lawyer. 

I lost my 17 years old son last September 20. 

I learned to watch Korean and Chinese dramas. 

I am now married 25 years. 

Time flies and it's a mixed bag of happiness and sorrows.

It Is That Time of The Year

I took this picture when the street carnival came to town.  I am a little scared of taking a ride in these, but it does make for a nice picture.  I think I prefer Six Flags.  Then again, there was that girl who fell off the Giants.  May she rest in peace.  I find it strange that people were clamoring to ride it as soon as it opened.

Anyway, I just thought to post something here. It has been a long long time since I was here. I actually forgot the password. That is all.

Noncompete Agreement

tree in my backyard
I was wondering if 18 months is too long for a non-compete agreement in relation to a innovative computer technologies.

Anyway, that is the question. I will check with restrictive covenant, non-competitive covenant/agreement, etc.

Does it mean I have to read innovative technologies also? Or do I just find cases with technologies and non-compete agreement in it?

I Miss You, Blog

I have been away. I am sorry that I did not come back. I've been busy clicking away at my farms in Facebook. I know. It's crazy. From now on, I'll be chattering away. Right here, right where I want to be.

Beauty Enhancements

My best friend from college did a surgery to her eye. She wants her eyes to look more Caucasian. She did the surgery so she'd get more lid realty to display the colors of eye make-up. It looks fabulous on hers. I thought of doing it myself, but I'm more of a coward when it comes to doing surgery that I might never truly need. That was my outlook when I was in my early 20s, still fresh and young. Now, looking at it from late 30s, I can see the wisdom of having breast implants. Why? It's to enhance my natural beauty. While it true that my husband does not require it, I do. I'm still in the process of researching the best kind of style and the best doctor to do it with. I have started this ball rolling, and pretty soon, I'll be sporting perky breast of modest size, suitable to my small frame. There is no embarrassment in wanting to look your best. I just want to be smart about it.